Story One - The Disposable EP

Bill Cummings 26/09/2005

Rating: 3/5

Nottingham four-piece Story One release their debut material in the form of this, the Disposable EP. Initially the slight vocal similarities between Kelly Jones and Story One frontman Tom Evans put me off, but on repeated listens this is a gem, melodic violin /guitar shapes creep up and warmly hug your heart, not unlike the old worn-out melancholic lovelorn melodies of Elbow. It's clear Story One have a gift.

Second track “Coming Up” is brilliant: widescreen rock builds and builds into a cinematic rush of explosive guitars, string backed vocals. It hints at Bends-era Radiohead and the dark violin rock of Hope of the States. Evans' gruff delivery uncoils into a glorious falsetto upon the pre chorus lines (“No Matter where you are/You've always been my life support/You're coming up again”), “Coming Up” is clearly a potential future single, it's that good.

Last track “Delhi Funeral” is a more downbeat affair and for that it's not quite as good, shuffling guitars and a angst ridden melodic line are driven along by some rather off rhythms.

Story One clearly have the potential to be very good, the opening two tracks alone are worthy of inspection. If they can produce an album full of songs of this quality you will be hearing a lot more from this band, very soon.