Odette - Ride Your Bike

Nick Lewis 21/12/2009

Rating: 1/5

Right from the opening “yeah” to the final, limp, acoustic guitar strum you know you're listening to something spectacularly dated. If the decade just gone is iPhones, Fight Club and Radiohead going electronic, this is from the early 90s of inspirational self-help videos, Des'Ree getting to number 1 and the Saved By The Bell title sequence.

I don't want to knock it too much because there's nothing ostensibly wrong with it. It's just that there's nothing particularly right about it either. “Go ride your bike oh little boy / go get yourself another toy / I'm looking for a man” is like Meredith Brook's Bitch without the teeth. Despite Odette's claim that she just wants to make “damn good music” this is pop music for the Corrs generation. She seems so desperate to be inoffensive it's been watered down to condensation.

Say what you like about Lady GaGa, La Roux and the like, but their uniform electro-pop beats the living daylights out of this damp squib of a song.

Release date: 21.12.09