The Hedrons - HeatSeeker

Charlie Southwell 19/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

The Hedrons are a plucky four piece, all girl band who should be looking forward to the success 2007 could bring. Heatseeker becomes the third pre-album release for the band Its clever work by the record company, knowing that fans will also buy the album when it finally arrives, while others that hear about the band will not want to wait for the album. Many will buy the singles in drooling anticipation. Now less than a month until the album is released, and currently touring the UK, I'm expecting big things form these Scottish lasses.

They have the sound of Joan Jet crossed with a lesser spotted, but no less subtle Pipettes. Plundering obvious influences, like The Song 2 sound of Blur whilst still keeping elements of Iggy Pop's raw edge, they don't sound like a bunch of girls until the singer opens her mouth. The Hendrons are like a prowling tiger ready to pounce upon the music world, and this song is as infectious as Tiger Feet of olde. If there is any justice in the world, I expect it to be played in clubs around the country.

I for one am part of this drooling mob roaming the streets of Britain, awaiting their album. Somewhat surprisingly, it's not just because they are female. Single Heatseeker is a raunchy pop tune, an anthem ready and waiting to sweep the nation off its feet. The bass and guitar both growl like overgrown kittens, when not growling deeply guitarist Rosie wails forth foot stomping rock riffs.

An oversimplified Chorus with basically the word Heatseeker, and angelic “oh-uh-ohs” repeated again and again, is both the best and worst part of this song, it's instantly sing-able, yet I can't help but detest the catchiness of it. Like bands that have done well in previous years with insanely catchy songs like Kaisers and Killers, they will probably grow up and write proper tunes after this album is out the way and then no one will like them anymore. At the moment this song annoys me in my dreams, I'm just not sure if they have depth, guess I'll wait for the album to find out.

Released 08/01/07

The Hedrons Album “One More Won't Kill Us…” out 5th February also on Measured Records