Pitchblend - Celcius

Richard Wink 10/07/2009

Rating: 1/5

I almost spat out my Foie gras when I read that Pitchblend had been compared to the Deftones. There is a slight resemblance in terms of production to the big sound of Saturday Night Wrist, but it is ever so slight. Not only that but doesn't the name Pitchblend sound like a budget coffee brand?

'Celsius' actually starts off quite exciting, the quivering guitars and ominous drums build nicely, then the vocals rush in, horrid, horrid vocals, a mix of Fightstar and Creed, odious, aspirational stadium rock, edgeless and radio friendly. The production is epic, but nothing really happens. You can wrap an empty cardboard box in gold and seal with diamonds but the inside of the box will still be empty.

If we are talking about Rock, no matter what sub-genre we can all agree Rock requires a dash of charisma and an element of danger. Glam rockers light up the sunshine strip with hairspray ablaze, black metaller's sacrifice farmyard animals onstage, bands like Pitchblend, so vague and nondescript, will never amount to anything.

Release date: 17/08/09