Maths Class - Now This Will Take Two Hands

Alex Skinner 10/07/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

The Brighton based, blazing five piece have energetically created 'Now This Will Take Two Hands' sporting fast paced blood boiling tracks that explode off the sound system. There's no letting up with the energetic youth of Maths Class at any point of the five tracks on display. 'Nerves' hits you for six immediately and from here on in the energy levels roar higher than the mighty eagle. Even the finishing move/ track 'Replays of Relays' doesn't let you submit to the brash high-octane headlock Maths Class put you in.

The EP jostles for position in such a busy manner it may overpower if you aren't in the correct mood. If you are in the mood to be riled up then let it be thus, this is for you. With fierce live shenanigans a plenty I'm sure we will hear more from these guys. This whirling, wailing, thrashing rapid fire EP tells you a lot about the electro crooners who are out there giving it their all with youth on their side. Experimental, aggressive and raw, they accept no prisoners.

Release date: 22/07/08

Watch the video here