H Bird - Pink Lights & Champagne

Graham Slee 16/10/2006

Rating: 4/5

In these troubled times in which we live, a little harmony and tranquillity goes a very long way, which makes delectable 3-piece H Bird the most welcome aural equivalent of snuggling under a warm duvet with a comforting mug of hot cocoa. Pink Lights & Champagne is a gentle lounge pop jewel heavily rooted in the 60s, an uplifting tale of chance romance, twinkling stars and midnight strolls, swaying its hips dreamily to scintillating keyboards: 'your eyes meet mine from above your cigarette, and the mirror shows they ain't off me yet'. Heartwarming stuff.

By contrast, the wistfully nostalgic Dear Dead Days is as fragile as gossamer wings drifting over porcelain figurines. It's a misty-eyed lost-love rummage through torn letters and brittle photographs, a guitar gently strumming, joined by haunting strings and impossibly delicate piano. It really is a beautiful piece that stays with the listener long after it's over.

The single is available now to download free courtesy of those lovely folks at dogbox records. See that you do!