Enter Shikari - Johny Sniper

Emily Tartanella 18/06/2007

Rating: 3/5

Well done, Enter Shikari. Any band that prefaces their new single with agonizingly post-ironic commentary, such as dubbing their new single “the most radio-friendly and lightweight track on the album” and discussing their time with models and hot rods, better be able to put their money where their mouth is.

Yes, it's all very funny to pretend to be famous. Ha. But it looks like Enter Shikari might be able to afford some hot rods and/or chicks if this single is any indication. 'Jonny Sniper' is damn catchy, damn cheesy, and just, well, damn. A glitzy, punky chorus, with a hearty chant of “This is all I need to feel alive!” Enter Shikari sound vaguely like Kubichek! - although even Jesus himself wishes he was as fantastic as Kubichek!. Keep on this path, young Shikari, and your irony could easily turn into grotesque self-seriousness.