Bill Cummings 30/05/2007

FONEJACKER is a Brand new comedy for E4, and we've got the trailer for your viewing pleasure!

Here's the trailer: Windows Media Player



Here's the detail:

Fonejacker is a man addicted to prank telephone calls, taking on various guises to satisfy his need to scam and confuse anyone at the end of the phone.

There's a host of characters including 'George the African Scamster' an amiable chap who'll try all sorts of ludicrous scams to obtain bank account details, and 'Mr Doovde' who bewilders many by insisting on talking in abbreviations. There is also 'Mr Miggins', the somewhat confused elderly gentleman, who will amuse the unsuspecting public with tales of intrusive genies in the front room.

Once you've seen Fonejacker, you'll never take a cold call again.

The show debuts on Thursday the 5th July at 22.30 on E4.