The Young Knives - Young Knives Summer video.

Bill Cummings 19/07/2006

The Young Knives release their new single 'Weekends & Bleak Days (Hot Summer)' released through Transgressive on the 14th of August, its already been tagged a summer anthem.Watch the video here.
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On paper, the Knives should certainly not be defined as being fashionable. Sporting NHS spectacles, ill-fitting charity shop suits and haircuts more fitting of retired World War Two pilots, The Young Knives quite frankly look odd… they live in the countryside, like gardening and stand out from their contemporaries by a country mile. So why on earth are Leicestershire's finest, increasingly deemed so fashionable? The Young Knives are outsiders, they are the new anti-heroes.

On the cusp of mainstream success, The Young Knives are a triumph for the little man, a victory of substance over style.

The single will hit the shops just two weeks before the much-anticipated debut album 'Voices of Animals and Men', due August 28th.