Felix Da Housecat - Like Something 4 Porno

Stas Werno 09/10/2007

Rating: 2/5

Officially the most dated dance track released this year (excluding retro revivals). I've read a description declaring it the spiritual successor to Donna Summers 'I Feel Love', as if it were a good thing. Frankly if I hear one more "spiritual successor" to 'I Feel Love' in my life time I will likely develop a violent case of narcolepsy. If you weren't alive in 2001, leaving you unsubjected to endless dance tracks based around lowHIGHlowHIGHlowHIGHlowHIGH bass lines and "sultry" lyrics about wet vaginas then you might get a little something out of it, but if you want to hear something a bit more fresh on the house front, keep to the bloggers' favourites.

Release: 24/09/07