Lord Skywave, TRG - Something

Alex Skinner 01/02/2009

Rating: 4/5

'Something' is a great single.

'Something' shows an awesome array of mad skillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

'Something' is well crafted electro pop that packs a real punch, making you listen again.

'Something' sounds like a very different track altogether when
listening to the other remixed versions. These remixes are from Andy George and Bucharest producer TRG who craft a fantastically fantastic new spin that gets lodged in fantasy.

'Something' is released by Simon Lord, AKA Lord Skywave due to his musical heritage. His father invented a 'Lord Skywave' sampler and the wheel (the second is factually incorrect). Simon Lord is no spring chicken, as a former Simian/The Black Ghosts member who has the guile to move on upwards. Well worthy of checking out. The album was released last June 2008.