Q Without U - Slow Clap

Liam McGrady 30/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

Not too long ago, with the country's media fascinated with the small yet ever productive Glasgow music scene (I think it was all because of some band named after someone who got assassinated or something), this single from “art-pop types”, Q Without U would have had NME hacks spewing forth with gratuitous praise. As it is, 'Slow Clap' sneaks out of Scotland with little fanfare. Over the top on the synths (one sounding like the buzzer from 'Catchphrase') it may be but it does feature a cool, bouncy, ascending riff like 'She's Lost Control' by Joy Division; if Manchester had a tropical climate instead of constant drizzle. There's even a bit of xylophone twinkling away as the song builds to its conclusion - neatly, just under three minutes long. Talking of the grim buildings and rain that influenced Ian Curtis and Co. however, these boys are from Glasgow, and therefore well used to grey skies and run down tenement buildings themselves. So suitably the B side, 'The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships' is less of the shiny, happy synths, more of the melancholic Arab Strap-alike guitar pop - with lovely wooshy, Flaming Lips tremolo type sound fizzing away in the background.

'Slow Clap' is out now on 7" from Pet Piranha Records

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