Captain - Keep an Open Mind

Paul Cook 20/04/2008

Rating: 2.5/5

Pure upbeat pop is sickly sometimes. Scouting for Girls have proven this time and again. Captain on the other hand somehow make it ok and with their latest single Keep an Open Mind they also show how it's not difficult to make a happy go lucky track which isn't annoying and irritating at it's core.

This is not to say the London-based 5-piece have got a runaway hit with this one. The piano and the electric guitars work well together, harmoniously creating a catchy pop riff, but do however grow very tiresome as they are pretty much the entirety of the instrumentals. Little has been done to make this track less monotonous and the repeat-play possibilities of this single are hugely limited. The lyrics and the vocals are also a lot weaker than one might expect. As far as British pop goes though Captain are the best of a band bunch, leaving aside the sickly, childlike lyrics that are infuriatingly abundant in contemporary British pop.

Keep an Open Mind is released on EMI records on the 5th May.