The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful

Ian Atherton 04/04/2008

Rating: 4/5

It seems the times they are a-changin' for The Kills, as they dump the wacky names (once Hotel and VW, they're now just plain old Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart), lose the VU drones and Royal Trux honking and embrace the bleep, the bloop and the hippity-hop.

With slickly messy production from Spank Rock knob-twiddler Alex Epton (still sticking to his wacky name, Armani XXXchange), this is a simple yet effective two-and-a-half minutes of relentless F.U.N. that deserves immediate indie-disco ubiquity.

Not everything has changed, mind - the oblique lyrics are still present and possibly correct ('Love is just a dialogue / You can't survive on ice-cream'), and the vocals are just as detached as ever, but it's the change in mood from pokerfaced to happyfaced that's most noticeable. And long may it continue.

Oh yeah - and Jamie's got a new girlfriend apparently. Yawn...