Ray Lamontagne - Trouble

Liam McGrady 28/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

Velvet voiced troubadour, Ray Lamontagne can officially woo a woman in just three chocolate-y smooth words: “Hey, I'm Ray”. Actually that's not official, but I expect its true, taking into account his decidedly masculine yet tender voice. 'Trouble' sees Lamontagne in confessional mood, admitting that he does indeed need the calming influence of the fairer sex to keep him out of mischief, “I've been saved by a woman, saved by a woman”. Behind Ray and his Mid West American acoustic strumming, strings dance and Spector-type drums pound, and if this isn't already high up on the play list of Radio 2 I'd be surprised. Wogan and Bruce would love it. The stripped back, live version of 'Burn' (seemingly an ode to Lamontagne's dear old mum) is a nice, emotionally touching addition as a B-Side too.

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'Trouble (New Radio Mix)' is out now on 14th Floor Records

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