Priya Thomas - Anything I Want I Can Get Me Some

Bill Cummings 14/03/2007

Rating: 2/5

Priya Thomas was a new name to me, but casting my eyes and ears across this Canadian ladies myspace, revealed a musical artist name checking all the right people (Blondie, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Iggy Pop and Karen O.). Visually she was striking too, if one was to be unkind you could compare her to a New York drag queen. All shocking blonde hair, all sharp edged features, long legs, and a vaguely masculine demeanor, but I'm not that kind of guy!

Whilst The punk rock sound on her space briefly flickered into life like one of my old dead battery torches before giving up the ghost: the influences are clear but messy, but at least it had balls, the second track even sounded quite fresh. In parts paying homage to Patti Smith it was a garbled stream of consciousness over clattering art rock riffage, and primal rhythms: A thought bubble appeared above my head “maybe the single would be even better?”

Sadly slipping on “Anything I want I Can Get Me Some “one is only left feeling a little short changed, sure its got the early 90s guitar shapes and some P J Harvey-esque vocals struggling for some kind of anger and desperation but it lacks in many areas. Lyrically it pleads for your attention, but its simply stifled by its own clumsy rhyming constraints (“Your buzz words and catchphrases wear me out/Your life style is urban chic/Twist and Shout”).

The chorus becomes bereft of any interest being simply a repetitive insistence of the track's title, backed only by clichéd rock vocal ticks (can we get a “Yeah Yeah Yeah!” and a “woo woo”). Repeat, Repeat, Click. Stop. It's over, never to be remembered again, so indebted to its influences that it never gets out of second gear, such a shame.

Released: 14/03/2007