Peep Show Series 3 DVD

Ryan Owen 24/11/2006

Rating: 4/5

When Peep Show unearthed upon us, it was hailed as an innovative comedy through its use of point-of-view shots, enabling the viewer to see what the characters do, as well as hearing the innermost thoughts of Mark and Jez, post-modern voyeurism if you will. All that is well and dandy but Peep Show has grown out of its 'innovative show' tag and has developed into an enduring comedy with a loyal fan base. Now the third series is released either on its own or as a three disc box set. Either way, in this series Mark finally manages to start dating Sophie, until - heartbreakingly - she is relocated to Bristol. While Mark struggles to keep their long distance relationship going, Jeremy tries to get over his disastrous marriage to Nancy by embarking on a series of disastrous relationships with old flame Big Suze, a defendant in a court case and, worst of all, Mark's sister.