Jay Reatard - Matador Singles ‘08

Alex Skinner 22/09/2008

Rating: 4/5

An album cut in an unconventional manner is troubling. Make haste! The real debut album will be released in the new year. Here is the story: Over the last six months limited 7” have been released by Matador record's own, Memphis wonder kid 'Jay Reatard'. The six progressive releases have generated some attention and now because of all the bother, they have been released in one foul swoop.

It is a grueling pop-punk assault. Sporadically creating memorable quick, free flowing song-beasts that force you to play them again and again. There are some true gems too, 'See/Saw' is a mighty fine opener that clears the way for 'Screaming Hand' that's a treat and sounds like it's built for greater things. Like…'making people dance (not cure AIDS)' with infecting lyrics blasting through well-timed guitars and leveled drums an' all.

Holding steady with the short and sweet 'An Ugly Death', it will definitely swirl in amongst your head.
In fact, so will'Always Wanting More' and then 'You Mean Nothing To Me'. Again, they are short and sweet and you can't find fault with them (apart from being too short).

Hopefully, Mr Reatard hasn't put all his good musical eggs in one basket. It is a great single's tester before the real album drops in the new year. Back in the UK in November with a string of dates, Jay Reatard is worth keeping tabs on.

Release date: 07/10/08