AFI - Love Like Winter.

Matt Harrold 31/10/2006

Rating: 2/5

So AFI have decided to grow up, gone are the moments of pointless screams penetrating into your ears and ripping out the other side. Instead they've gone all 80's synth rock on our collective butt. Alright so 'Love Like Winter' starts off with possibly the most whiniest vocal into in the history of music intros but once the instrumentation kicks in it's pretty listenable. It uses all the usual tricks, cranking up the volume for the choruses, melodic backing vocals and um…80's stadium rock. Maybe it's a bit harsh to say this but it isn't a million miles away from early Bon Jovi if they'd ditched the stadium rock for a Cure/BauHaus influence. You can see it going down well, with the millions of punk and emo-lites out in American, but those of us here in the UK tend to avoid those tracks which have about them a slight whiff of Edam.