British Sea Power - Waving Flags

Ross Cunningham 06/01/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

"You are astronomical fans of alcohol". The opening lyrics of British Sea Power's excellent new single "Waving Flags" and a statement that rings true with almost everyone I know. "Waving Flags" is the first single to be lifted from their exceptional new album "Do You Like Rock Music?" which is slated for release on the 14th of January.

From the first soaring riff that's unleashed on our not quite prepared eardrums it's clear that this isn't a run of the mill Indie rock song. British Sea Power have a knack for producing powerful, massive sounding anthems and "Waving flags" doesn't disappoint on any level. The instrumentation is as tight as ever, with Wood's rolling drums and Noble's outstanding lead guitar sound building up into the thundering crescendo of a chorus: "we're all waving flags now, waving flags but don't be scared".

Drinking references are prevalent throughout the entire song with lines such as "Are you of legal drinking age, on minimum wage, well welcome in" and "beer is not dark, beer is not light, it just tastes good especially tonight" standing out in particular. Whether viewed as a drinking song, festival anthem or a combination of the two "Waving Flags" is an uplifting, inspirational and emotive tune that deserves to feature in the upper echelons of the singles chart. There's very little doubt that British Sea Power has produced another 'Classic'.

"Waving Flags" is available for download now from now

Released in CD and double 7" formats on the 7th of January