Guns on the Roof - Shattered

Miss Fliss 02/03/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

Named after one of the lesser known, weaker songs by The Clash, inspired by a real life incident involving The Clash getting arrested for shooting expensive racing pigeons, Guns on The Roof look and sound a bit tasty (read: menacing). They're nostalgic for '77 punk when studs and leather were provocative and spiked hair and spitting were subversive. Sadly, Shattered is straight forward rock and roll with off-duty punk vocals, and provides as much of a punch as a Greenday b-side. This is a shame, taking into account the feral blast of some of the other songs on their Myspace, Shattered isn't the strongest option for a single. It's the safe, play-it-on-the-radio choice; it's pretty nondescript, like something playing in the background of a Camden pub on a Friday night that blends in and could be by anyone. Last Night off their Myspace packs a much meatier punch and would be the livelier choice, more of a wake up call. No matter, teenagers looking for a bit of angry energy and po-go-friendly abandon will love Guns on the Roof, and they certainly provide a spirited and welcome distraction from mid-paced pale indie.

'Shattered' is out now. You can also get a free download from the band via the Guns on the Roof website