Justice - †

Stas Werno 08/06/2007

Rating: 4/5

If you're anything like me, the announcement of french house duo Justice's debut album would have given you a similar reaction to that of Jesus turning up on Robert Tiltons doorstep with a packet of wind-eze. As tiresome as labelling bands "the new ..." becomes, Justice really are the Daft Punk of the late noughties, and so '†' was meant to be the decades 'Homework'.

Sadly this is not the case, pointless tracks such as 'Valentine' and 'One Minute to Midnight' keep the album from gaining "Most Important Dance Album Ever At The Moment" status, but the good stuff more than makes up for it. You have epic brooding masterpieces like opener 'Genesis' and 'Stress' interspersed with up-beat dance floor workouts like 'DVNO' and 'New Jack', not to mention singles ' D.A.N.C.E.' (make sure to check out the astounding video), Dario Argento sampling 'Phantom' and quite honestly the roughest, filthiest most exciting dance track since 4 to the floor was discovered, 'Waters Of Nazareth'.

So yeah, it is a great album, but it just falls short of being an instant classic. It's less the new 'Homework' and more what 'Human After All' should have been.