Jamelia - Superstar: The Hits

Bruce Turnbull 20/11/2007

Rating: 2/5

As R&B starlet Jamelia witnesses the gloaming of her career, the good folks at Parlophone have decided to release a round up of her achievements thus far, which is all the more ironic considering there are only ten tracks on here. But with the lack of original material under her belt, this was perhaps the only honest way to go out with a modicum of class. Whether Jamelia will return from her label-less slump is debateable, but if she doesn't, “Superstar - The Hits” is a well documented run through her tenure as the once chart dominating queen of R&B.

While those who know me well may chastise me for giving this a shot, I've always been a sucker for a good set of pipes. There is no denying Jamelia's subtle vocal talents, and despite being plastered over an egregiously manufactured backdrop, they are obviously the reason she found her success so fortunately. But let's face it: this is pop. And as such, it is an ersatz art form worthy of little time. It is well performed, however, and if the crooning 'superstar' had release more tracks in the mould of the guitar-heavy “Something About You”, her greatest hits - if in fact there was one at this point - would be a little more palatable. If you happen to hold an interest, however, this collection presents the listener with all of her infectious singles, including the raucous “Beware of the Dog”, the sincere “Thank You” and of course, the album's namesake, “Superstar”. The redeeming feature is, as expected, a sultry selection of promo photos, which amply prove that Jamelia's talents certainly aren't limited to her vocal chords. “Superstar - The Hits”, coming to a discount bin near you.