Andwhatwillbeleftofthem - Dance, Damn You, Dance

Bill Cummings 16/11/2005

Rating: 4/5

Midlands boy/ girl indie beat group Andwhatwillbeleftofthem emerge from the DIY filthy little angels imprint with a heartily enjoyable, lo fi indie pop EP “Dance, Damn You, Dance!” released on the 14th of November.

Opening track “L'Amour Violent” has some great twisty early Blur guitars and a frenetic rhythm that's bitten on the back by chanted vocals that spread open their warm pop arms and envelop you in the chorus. This has much of the same charm that made Bis's wonky synth pop so enjoyable, and more recently inspired brilliant efforts from We Start Fires…

Next up is centrepiece track “Dance, Damn You, Dance” and it's great: the Joe Strummer-like verses burst forth into an extremely, joyous, boy girl sparring tunefully wonky lo fi anthem to the dance floor. It's a fuzzy pop rush: like drinking cider and Vimto through a straw.

“Throw It In The Pit, Kid” is brill, bouncing along with a riotous Casio indie pop charm it balances its shouty pop chorus of “do it do it do it do it do it” delightfully with the whirling dervish guitar lines.

Last up is “Dripping Wet” and there's a touch of Kenicki about this little insanely tuneful dittie, the female led vocals are backed by a myriad of melodies, keys and a distorted bed of guitars, there is only one criticism to be made of this otherwise excellent EP, the songs are a little similar in style in places, but on the whole this is rhythmic insatiable, lo fi angular indie pop of the kind they used to make twelve years ago.