Elliot Minor - Parallel Worlds

Bruce Turnbull 20/04/2007

Rating: 5/5

I had the rather auspicious fortune of being assigned to cover one of Elliot Minors live shows last month, yet sadly found there epic-metal-meets-boy-band-chic rather rudimentary, and not very enjoyable. However  and its a big however  these guys can certainly throw a good record together, even if this is their only hard copy available. Forming back in 2005, the UKs most underrated My Space darlings toured throughout the country until they were finally picked up by the label responsible for Slunt and The Fight, Repossession Records. This resulted in them recording this fabulous single under the wing of Hoobastank and Incubus producer Jim Wirt, whose work on the knobs here is clearer than Heather Mills legal intensions. To anyone unfamiliar with the band, it may appear that frontmen Alex Davies and Ed Minton are McFlys slightly more talented cousins, but in fact with the addition of keyboardist Ally Paul, Elliot Minor have a very diverse pool of influence to tap into.