Humanzi - Long Time Coming

Russ Essom 13/02/2006

Rating: 4/5

I have been a fan of Humanzi's strange, addictive sound since I first heard them; and there latest masterpiece, “Long Time Coming” has done nothing to put me off.

It is, frankly, an odd mix of hard-hitting guitar chords wrapped around a drum and bass guitar outfit that could kill children and not care; it really is that merciless - this song will make you bleed if you only listen once.

“Long Time Coming” is very much reminiscent of old Humanzi favourite, “Fix the Cracks”, and that is no bad thing by any means.

Classically ex-romantic indie-style lyrics horned to a backdrop of insanely rock and roll/indie/funk musical talent. I dare any man to try and learn the drumming to this song without wanting to be in the band, the constantly thumping bass sounds, along with an imposing, but well placed, snare crack will lure your toes into tapping the whole way home.

This song has to be heard: to be understood, and it really REALLY needs to be understood. Just get out there and listen to it.