Missing Andy - The Way We're Made (M.I.E)

TC 13/07/2010

Rating: 2/5

A timely release around England's World Cup campaign, followed by four spineless inept performances, following by a rather untimely review such as this is!

“I'm made in England” the song opens with, teeing up a patriotic little ditty about those closely knit cousins: poverty and crime. Following on from the debut single, actually titled 'Made In England,' it is difficult not to relate back to the days of Oi!, when punk went below the streets into the underground car parks and railway bridges. But, whilst there is a similar ethos here, it leans musically more towards nineties indie plus the lad rap of The Streets. “I'm just yer average working class, tea in a flask, subsidising your properties” which a young Billy Bragg might once have thought to have uttered. Already gaining attention from The Sun and the NME, they have been billed as “the most feared support act in the Country,” whatever that ridiculous statement might mean. This is interesting and entertaining in a Chas N Dave kind of way, but like our great team's performance in South Africa recently, they may not merit nor receive the accolades that the hype-o-critical publicity is creating for them!

Release Date: Out Now