The Howling Bells - Into The Chaos

Chris Dunn 17/11/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Taken from the forthcoming second album, due out in February, Into The Chaos is a lesson in effortless pop shot through with groove and class. I've not heard anything from Howling Bells before but on this showing can see exactly why they're tipped by many to do well in 2009.

The band go straight into an almost baggy like rhythm, you're rolling with it from the off, and there's a nice flow to it aided by singer Juanita Stein's lush vocal. She coats the track in rock and roll velvet, a beautiful voice that, you've heard before with the likes of The Duke Spirit's Leila Moss or Hope Sandoval to name a couple, but never tire of hearing. Add to the mix some well placed strings to give it a panoramic change of pace and you've got yourself a tidy little single.

They'll probably get lumped in with the aforementioned Duke Spirit but they deserve to stake their own claim in the indie pop market and if they can supply an album's worth of this next year it'll be well worth a listen.