Chopps Derby - You don’t know what Broccoli is?

Ash Akhtar 12/11/2008

Rating: 1/5

Comedy hip-hop. It's dead isn't it? Remember them Goldie Lookin' Chain fellas? They were funny for an album or so. Their less well known peers The Headcase Ladz were far funnier, better produced yet they never got near the charts. MC Pitman, the funniest coal mining MC is currently er…where? Jay Glaze made Out to lunch - probably my favourite comedy hip-hop record ever and now this five track EP of horridness appears…

An embarrassment to hip-hop and comedy, the lyrics are poor and particularly poorly delivered. Imagine an even more annoying verion of Devvo - but with less talent and more cussing than John McCain employed behind closed doors last week - and you're on your way to this toilet paper of a record.

The beats are passable, but when an unintelligible moron raps about 'kicking the bitch in the c**t quick' and how a woman should act like 'good Islamic wife while I beat you with a rod' - this deserves to be in one place and one place only: unsold and off the shelves. It may be ironic, it may be funnier than I could possibly comprehend - or it could just be a huge pile of steaming shit.

Release date: October.