Celluloid - Token

Liam McGrady 03/05/2005

Rating: 4/5

Ooh, this is a bit good, a league above most demo's I've heard recently. Like Elbow with more electronic noises, or The Specials with a hint of Post-Punk, Celluloid are Matthew Devenish, E-Za, and Mark Westwood. I tell you this because, to quote Lemar, if there's any justice in the world, these three blokes will be household names in the not too distant future.

First track 'A Ropetrick' is all hypnotic, glitchy noises, wiry guitars and Guy Garvey alike vocals, wailing that “My baby's got a stigma, and mother speaks in tongues”. No idea what it's all about (could be dysfunctional families?) but it sounds like something from The Coral's last album, only recorded on the moon; or something.

'Blink' meanders in with the atmospheric sound of traffic in a busy city and bass like a heartbeat. The vocals come in so cleanly, “Stray dog limps down an empty pavement/A cold wind turns and papers blow away” and I'm hooked. Again, clever electronica and edgy drums provide the backbone of the song, but it's the words that leap out and hit you like a sledgehammer, “It's Saturday, lets party, try and mingle/The room is full but still you feel alone”

Last track 'Upright' brings the demo to a close. With its up-tempo, elastic bass line, scratchy, overdriven, stabbed guitars and almost techno type sound effects, it's akin to some of the Super Furry Animals excursions into noise/dance territory.

'Token' from Celluloid is immediately likeable yet grows on you more and more with each listen. It's not just a bit good, it's a bit special. Oh, if only there was any justice in the world…