Louis XIV - Finding Out True Love Is Blind

Bill Cummings 10/10/2005

Rating: 3/5

San Diego based Louis XIV release the follow up to their recent single “God Killed The Queen.” This single veers between the slashing TREX guitars and Bowie-Queen Bitch vocal posturing of front man Jason Hill and the more sedate tinkling pianos and melodies of Brian Karscig.

Its really enjoyable in a really debauched way, like entering a club in the 1970s only to be hit in the face by the music and the exhilarating dancing of the glitter flecked revellers. The piano segue allowing you to sit down and catch your breath between chorus'.

Following on from the Darkness and the Scissor Sisters, Louis XIV seem to be in thrall to the music of the '70s, indeed at various points this song threatens to dip into vacant glam pastiche before rescuing itself by the force of: its sheer pop melodies and danceable beat. Lets face it we could all do with some more glamour in our lives and Louis XIV might just be the antidote to the blandness that pervades.