Sonicflyer - Sun In My Pocket EP

Angus Reid 07/01/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

Formed in Barnaul, a remote town in Southern Siberia, you might expect Sonicflyer to sound a little bit quirky and interesting, in that way that only growing up in the middle of nowhere can create. Instead, it seems that they cultivated a massive taste for Britpop. Well, I can only presume it must have been a bit disappointing when they finally arrived in London to get the rest of the band together only to find that Britpop had died on its arse several years beforehand.

If they were disappointed, it certainly doesn't show on this, their debut EP. There's no escaping the influence of mid-level Britpop bands like Echobelly and Sleeper here, and this EP is sunnier and cheerier than anything has any right to be in the middle of January. It's a welcome tonic however, and it's nice to be reminded that upbeat melody isn't a completely lost art; we just needed a brother and sister from Russia to show us how to do it.

“Tonight” is a Britpop classic if ever I heard one, and the title track is also an infectious blast of melodic sunshine, warming the listener into a smile so subtly and effortlessly, you don't notice the effect it's had until the song it over. By the time we've got as far as the third track, “Hundred Reasons”, it's like the intervening years never happened and we're back in 1996, wondering if we'll get rid of the Tories in next year's General Election. It's quite unspeakably brilliant, and before long I find myself reminiscing for a childhood that wasn't even mine, but by God it was great, and it's being soundtracked by Sonicflyer and… and… Yes, nostalgia can be a powerful thing, but to be honest, when it's as uplifting as this is, that's not really a problem.

The only thing that stops me from giving this a full five stars is the press release stating that it has “an intense, layered sound that recalls My Bloody Valentine”. No, it really doesn't. If you were to put this side by side with My Bloody Valentine it would be completely drowned out, but also sound like exactly what it is, blissful, beautiful pop songs. It doesn't have an edgy, intense sound at all, and what's more, it doesn't need it, it's perfect the way it is and don't believe anyone that tries to tell you otherwise.

Released 28th January