Divina Icon - Little Devils

Bill Cummings 16/11/2005

Rating: 3/5

No nothing to do with Big Brother's all-black mistress Miss McCall: Divina Icon are the sound of Midlands born Dale and Leon and bassist Claudio who all now reside in the big smoke of London town. Their sound is faintly reminiscent of the work of glam bands from the nineties, whether that the Paul Draper-esque vocal posturing, or the Suede style rocking glam of the guitars, and the melodies that bare the smoke signals of the long forgotten Republica. Hell, even the EP's front cover, depicts a naked figure (very Dog Man Star)

Indeed, opener “Little Devils” reminds me of my misspent youth reading well-thumbed Melody Makers, or hours huddled over wracks of CDs trying to find out the latest exotic and obscure indie band to give a spin on my hi-fi. Anyway, it's a rocking little number, twisty guitars and a frenetic rhythm its rush, reminds me a little of Babylon Zoo's “Spaceman” which isn't all bad when you consider that tune was a number one. Second track “Top Floors” has a slightly Placebo-ish/early Manics feel to its stabbing guitar lines and Brett style sneer, its less successful than the opener but enjoyable nevertheless.

Lastly is “World Addict” which takes things down a few notches. It reminds me a little of Garbage's “Stupid girl” only in this instance fronted by a male: sly, androgynous, moody, melodic falsetto-topped alt rock that builds nicely to a crescendo.

If they work hard Divina Icon clearly have the potential to be very good: the sound of this EP is ultimately very enjoyable. Glamorous indie rock n roll has always had a place in my heart, despite the fact that at times this CD sounds slightly dated with its slightly tinny production and guitar sounds I can imagine live they put on an excellent show. If they continue to improve very soon these boys could be the faces in the magazines.