Kyoshi - Bang!

Rhian Daly 16/04/2009

Rating: 1/5

On Kyoshi's MySpace page, they compare themselves to the Tate Modern, claiming to be “full of weird shapes and bright colours”. Thirty seconds into Bang! all I can hear is my will to live ebbing away. Front girl Leanne King sounds like Lady Sovereign without the sharp tongue and ability to form clever rhymes. Its all very lacklustre and passionless, with the word “bang” sounding emptier and emptier every time King utters it.

Up Late is an attempt at social observation that doesn't really make any intelligent points at all, and then descends into what is presumed to be a “singalong chorus” to excite the masses. It might excite Kyoshi's parents but unfortunately they're the only ones who'll be jumping up and down to this. Your Own Beat is more of the same working class kitchen sink drama done badly, with derivative indie/ska influenced guitars and beats backing up King's barely tolerable vocals. Kyoshi should probably go back to listening to their Hard-Fi CDs and think about what they're inflicting on the world.