Jett Valentine - Outlaws

Tiffany Daniels 31/03/2010

Rating: 4/5

These two tracks by Jett Valentine - his debut single 'Outlaws' and the Mirrors remix of 'Superman' - could not be more different. They literally stand at opposite ends of the musical spectrum; one celebrates contemporary pop music and the other is a dancefloor ode to late nights and pounding beats.

'Outlaws' is by far the superior track - it takes a glorious dive into chartered territory, but it does so with a lilted quiff and a style similar to 2008's red herring Sam Sparro. It's a perfect pop nugget dedicated to dissatisfaction and longing, from a British perspective - not something that usually parts from male lips.

On the other hand, the remix of 'Superman' is a pulsing, rabid animal and celebrates an almost oriental melody; technology reincarnated in sound. In many ways it's best to think of it as a separate entity; it's nowhere near as accomplished as the single, and somewhat forgettable. Nevertheless, Valentine's promise shines through, and I'm sure we can expect great things from him in the not to distant future.

Release Date: Out Now