Orson - No Tomorrow

Russ Essom 27/02/2006

Rating: 4/5

This song will be an anthem. It opens with simple drumming over gorgeous variations of eclectic, electric sounds. These are interrupted by a raucous, “1,2,3,4!” and then my friends, as far as musical enjoyment is concerned, we hit the big time well and truly.

Low, semi-spoken vocals cast a heartfelt all of atmosphere of the epically rhythmical guitar, which make the song incredibly magnetic. The ensuing beefy guitar riff with some true-to-glam-rock “woohoo's” over the top made me fall in love.
The chorus is catchy, the subject matter fits rock 'n' roll and dance, giving the song a divinely attractive feel to almost any brand of human. It is a haven for students with no agenda.

The ever so awesome Orson themselves remind me of a good version of OKGO crossed with Scissor Sisters making sweet love to Head Automatica… or something. Whatever or whoever spawned these guys did a good thing, and should be repaid with affluent success; Orson are God's to be. I hope.