Collapse Under The Empire - Crawling

TC 30/10/2009

Rating: 4/5

Collapse Under The Empire (CUTE) are a post rock duo from Hamburg, whose debut album Systembreakdown was released earlier this year. As a result of their strong underground success they have been signed to Sister Jack and, hot on the heels of the debut, second album Find A Place To Be Safe is due out at the end of November and right here we have the lead-in single.

I've been vocal in the past of my disdain for post rock, or 'slipper gaze' as I like to call it, but I struck up an awkward affinity with CUTE on the back of their rather good debut album. Their instrumental prowess is admirable and the depth of sound they create as a two-piece is nothing short of astounding. Essentially they play guitar and keyboards whilst sharing percussive duties, but take that as it is, because Crawling is an instrumental joy! It kicks off with a hypnotic echoed swirl, escorted into a rising colossus by some gentle piano work. In full flow the piece brings back warm memories of My Vitriol, building to a breathtaking crescendo before splintering away into a void. It's backed by Captured Moments, also to appear on the album, another gigantum piece that rises and swoops with clever guitar/piano interplay and makes for a high degree of eager anticipation on my part for the album.

Slipper gaze won't ever be one of my favourite genres I'm afraid, despite C.U.T.E., but they most certainly gain my utmost respect for, not only their obvious creative talent, but for daring to presume I might like them!!