Enter Shikari - Juggernauts

Richard Wink 06/07/2009

Rating: 1/5

We at God Is In The TV sometimes are a little bit late in delivering on pennies worth on singles but eventually we do get around to it. The dust has long since settled after the release of Juggernauts, one wonders if the single has changed the musical landscape forever.

Only last week Gordon Brown put out a press release complimenting Enter Shikari for their impassioned spoken word monologue, in a time when we must be financially responsible and look after our neighbours these four brave young men from Hertfordshire have proved themselves through the power of music to be shining beacons of responsibility, the PVA that might bind broken Britain.

The idea of Community mentioned by the band has indeed been displayed at a museum. As yesterday Tring Community Centre was exhibited at the Natural History Museum; the centre's regular Pilates and Weight Watcher's classes took place alongside dinosaur skeletons and the life size model of a blue whale.

Who would have thought there would be mileage in merging elements of rave with hardcore, the runt-like cousin of metal and punk, a genre that hasn't been relevant since Greg Ginn spazzed out and broke up Black Flag in 1986.

Enter Shikari were better when they made no sense.

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