Cass & Slide - Perception

Tom Preston 08/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

Cass came to the forefront with the amazing and groundbreaking release of “Perception”, his partnership with Pete “slide” Martin has brought about some very good releases and remixes. Noticeably “The Italian Job” and “Gladiator”, but since then has been relatively quiet, however his newest release of “Lost Life” may well bring about the release of some more of those refined dance tunes we all look forward to from this pair!

“Lost Life” has, what every dance music track needs, its as simple as that really. The introduction is truly remarkable with, the simple, fixed notorious 4 beat rhythm (with a bit of extra juice in the bass of course) its not quite the overhauling thudding that some have come to expect with some of the most recent dance tunes, but the progressive addition of more instruments as the track gathers force, leads on to some catchy vocals with the classic echo effect. The track continues to impress with the addition of many cross melodies all worthy of being on their own, but Cass and Slide wouldn't lower their music to such mediocre levels and instead mix them altogether.

The result? A brilliant single that will meet the sky-high expectations that the pair have set for themselves. Had the tune had a slightly more memorable melody, this may well have barged its way into the top 10 dance tracks of all techno fans. As it is, there is no defiant “stick in your head” melody, however the mixture of several chord sequences and some great mixing make this track a great success!

Released: 01/01/2007