Gallery 47 - Breakfast at the Clinic EP

Ash Akhtar 26/11/2008

Rating: 3/5

19 year old Jack Peachey's second self-released EP comes wrapped in a hand sewn parcel - which is pretty neat! So he can sew - is he any good at music? Well, yes - it certainly appears so. With a vocal range that will see him compared to Yorke, Bellamy and the like - this assured EP contains three tracks all lovingly mixed, produced and mastered by uber-producer du jour: Jack's kitten, Calla.

Strongest (and lead) track 'An Empty Room' describes Jack's travails to succeed, and indeed the EP is littered with this sort of introspective, analytic thought.

Though he may not fully succeed in the literary realm, and occasionally stumbles in the chaos of playing all the instruments on his own (except drums) 'Breakfast at the Clinic' is an adventurous meander by a clearly talented and determined songster: admirable work deserving of encouragement.