Kid At The Back - Slide Away

Matt Churchill 21/08/2007

Rating: 4/5

London based trio Kid At The Back are a Red Hot Chilli peppers come Jimi Hendrix ensemble of rock and roll funk that possess arguably three of the most talented musicians yet to be snapped up by a record label.

The band are releasing 'Slide Away' (the date is yet to be confirmed) as a download only single, which will be available from their myspace site in the first week of August. The track is a jumpy thrash along with a chorus that borders on effortless pop-funk. A steaming bassline that absorbs all the colours of the spectrum at an unimaginable rate is matched by stunning drumming and clever guitar play.

The track is a great demonstration of the fine musicianship that the band possess, not only playing but also writing; a sign that Kid At The Back have the potential to break out of the London circuit and onto bigger and better things.