Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters

Alex Worsnip 07/03/2004

Rating: 2/5

I'm afraid this kind of music is done about 100 times better by several other bands. It grooves and uses dated synths, and it is so completely commercialised and joyless that it might as well be a chart act. Everything you will hear here is completely reminiscent of brilliant acts of the past, but starved of all their appeal by completely facelessness. The album could be, in turn, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bill Joel or George Clinton, but these white boys just don't have half the soul of the acts they replicate. The lyrics are tiresome, the vocals irritating, the attempts at sexiness embaressing (it could be, at time, Har Mar Superstar - no, scrap that - Avid Merrion), and the falsetto vocal style on 'Comfortably Numb' ruins an otherwise imaginative cover. Its better than quite a lot of music, but so tired and available so much better elsewhere, that its never worth owning. The replication is a bit like expecting Victoria Beckham to have the intensity of 2Pac when she goes "hip-hop". Highly disappointing.