Peter Cincinotti - Goodbye Philadelphia

Jay Mansfield 15/10/2007

Rating: 2/5

It seems almost obligatory to describe any band or artist you've first become acquainted with as resembling A.N. Other in sound. This has undoubtedly arisen in the past due to convenience, to give people what might be a useful comparison to an artist they're already familiar with.

However, in today's musical climate, you can describe one artist as sounding like another purely because they do sound almost identical. Homogeneity and individuality are frowned upon because record companies know that if one artist is successful then it's much easier to market artists that sound exactly like them rather than spend money looking for someone unique, who might not sell.

Peter Cincotti sounds a bit like many other acts making money for various record label/multi-national conglomerates/whatever they're hawking this month. His piano playing is competent, his voice pleasant and inoffensive, his pop-rock ballads have a country tinge. He also sounds a bit like the Fray and Daniel Pewter or maybe a jazz-lite Harry Connick Jr. This is a professionally produced song, but unless it finds its way to the end credits of a Hollywood rom-com, or an emotional scene in Ugly Betty, it probably won't remain in many people's minds.