Thom Stone - Big House

Matt Harrold 25/02/2007

Rating: 4/5

A few weeks back new label Airbag Recordings kicked off with their first release with Thom Stone's debut single. The answer to that age old scientific question: what would be produced if Bruce Springsteen's DNA was ever spliced with Bob Dylan's? Well ok so that question has never been asked but if it was then you can now impress friends, family and random pub strangers alike. Big House comes across as a whimsical take on the Boss taking on Travis and whooping their melancholic arses until they promised to cheer up some. Harmonica's play mournfully over an upbeat tempo whilst Thom in his “I've just got out of bed” singing voice meanders his way with charm, asking everyone to “Come on, come on and sing out of key”.

On the flip side Strangest Taste of Pain is a stripped down acoustic ballad more in the style of classic British folk, under pinned by Laura Marling who lends a tender, breathless harmony to the piece, adding to the fine engraving upon Thom's own tale of love and loss.

Released: 12/02/07