The Pigeon Detectives - I Found Out

Sarah Warburton 13/11/2007

Rating: 4/5

The Pigeon Detectives are a five-piece, Indie-rock band hailing from Leeds. Having released their first record in early 2006 the band have since gone on to become the darlings of NME, Radio One and numerous other influential magazines, radio stations and TV channels. Their independent label, 'Dance to the Radio' must be very proud parents.

The Pigeon Detectives new EP, 'I Found Out' is a re-recorded version of a track taken from their 2007 debut album - 'Wait For Me'. It was previously released in 2006; before the band had become the darlings of the aforementioned publications. Their new found popularity should help the single to achieve a better charting than its November 2006 accomplishment of #39, but does it deserve it?

The short answer is yes. 'I Found Out' is a short, sharp, stomper of a track. It has a fantastic, crunchy guitar base which has been layered over with a smooth, catchy melody; just like the best cheesecake imaginable. Hearing it is like getting that much needed early-morning slap in the face, which can't fail to invigorate all of your senses and which would wake even Sleeping Beauty from the depths of narcolepsy.

'I Found Out' is two minutes and ten seconds of pure Indie-rock heaven. The shouty, catchy, monosyllabic vocals make this track instantly loveable and also guarantee that it will become an anthemic, sing-a-long crowd pleaser at live gigs.

If those few remaining record-buying members of the public know good music, then this track is guaranteed to at least reach the top 10 this time around!