Jil Is Lucky - Jil Is Lucky

Alex Yau 12/12/2010

Rating: 3/5

Seeing the world can do many things for a person. It may open their eyes to things they might have never otherwise seen at home. Jil is one of these people who has travelled the world and he has used this experience to hone the music he has created.

What follows is a record that has a range of eclectic influences that Jil may have absorbed throughout his worldly travels. These influences are ones that aren't best heard through him speaking but through the diverse array of styles that he constructs his musical puzzle pieces with. Jil is Lucky is as how Jil may see the world. It's large, vast and full of hyperbole.

There's a charming twee quality to the record through the slow, gentle and heart warming nature of the Los Campesinos!-esque 'Winter is Over' whilst I'm From
like 'J.E.S.U.S Said' is punctuated by the large horn build ups and the cuteness that some may find a little too cheesy.

There's a pastoral gypsy sense to Jil. 'The Wanderer', with its gloomy and grieving string sections, portrays the Beirut of Gulag Orkestar era. Jil's singing also strong for the most part does sound a little too fragile and frail for its own benefit. 'Hovering Machine' does show a sense of over indulgence at over ten minutes long. Everyone likes a powerful guitar solo but it does get a bit wearing if it lasts for too long.

It's nice to hear an array of genres in one album. Even throughout the frailties and weariness that haunt small sections of the album, Jil comes out with a twee quirkiness
that'll make you smile. Jil is like that vagabond gypsy traveller who'll regale you with tales on a train you've just boarded.