You Me At Six - Kiss And Tell

Craig Broad 27/08/2009

Rating: 2/5

There are millions of screaming music fans in the world who enjoy music but not to the level where they care about the integrity of a band. These fans do not care who influences the bands they like, they do not care if their bands completely rip off other bands, most of the time, they merely enjoy the music because perhaps it is fun and upbeat.

You Me At Six fall into the category of perhaps having fans like this, with them churning out their inoffensive emo/pop/punk, is it American or is it English Kerrang!-lite music like it is going out of fashion.

It is easy to be negative about You Me At Six and their latest single Kiss And Tell, after all, it isn't the slightest bit original and it is so sickly sweet that most elitist music fans will probably feel dirty for just listening to it. That said however, their is no doubt that Kiss And Tell is a sing-a-long, dance-a-long teenage monster that was created so that girls could have something to listen to whilst putting their make-up on for a night out and in that respect it works.

Kiss And Tell is brilliantly produced, anthemic, well written and a stark reminder of summer and perhaps childhood for some and while this single should garner some support for their forthcoming re-release of album Take Off Your Colours, it does nothing for me.

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