Neverest Songs - Small Voyages

Rhian Daly 14/03/2010

Rating: 4/5

You might associate Margate more with OAPs and the English seaside than delicately haunting songwriting, but all that's about to change. The work of Luke Twyman aka Neverest Songs, Small Voyages is an album that's been a long time in the making but is possibly a lot better for it.

Possibly the softest, most graceful album GIITTV has received so far this year, Small Voyages pulls gently at the heartstrings with its understated, elegant approach. From the poignant By The Lighthouse to the tender Good Luck, it's a collection of songs that share the same calming, reflective power. At an hour, it might seem like an overly long record on paper but once it's started it floats by with ease, like an aural therapy for the stressed city-dweller or the perfect compliment to the quiet country life.

Bold and cinematic, it's easy to imagine Small Voyages soundtracking the more emotive and epic scenes in some films. For now, though, it will do as the soundtrack to real life.