Robert Post - There's One Thing

Martin Drury 31/10/2005

Rating: 4/5

Robert Post- on his regular appearances on television- repeats the story of how he used to work as cab driver. According to Mr Post, a record executive happened to get into the back of his cab when some interesting, intriguing music was blaring out from the car stereo. The executive duly asked who the singer on the radio was and Mr Post replied that it was his own music on display within the confines of the cab. Stardom beckoned and you'd be unlikely to discover Mr Post these days on the streets of a city near you, both engine and meter running.

Robert Post's voice is stunning, surprising and superb. The simplicity of his music is beautiful and his talent develops with the progression of time. 'There's One Thing' is- for my money- his best song to date and you really cannot fault someone who gives you a refreshing, revitalising alternative to the droning muzak of David Gray. Also to his credit, Mr Post sings rather than shrieking as if a certain part of his anatomy has been removed with tweezers and tongs. James Blunt and his ilk have gone to the top of the charts by pretending that wailing constitutes singing. The range of Robert Post's voice is breathtaking and- don't get too excited by this- it is time for this former critic of the musical maestro to cross the floor and declare Robert Post to be one of the truly great new emissaries for music. Discover the magic for yourself in a record store soon.