We Fell To Earth - We Fell To Earth EP

TC 24/02/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

We Fell To Earth comprises one man plus one lady, Richard File and Wendy Rae Fowler to be precise. File was part of the UNKLE set-up until a year ago and he was the main man behind many of the remixes the band perpetrated for such notables as Placebo, Garbage & QOSA. Rae played briefly in earthlings? but will be best known for being the ex-wife of Screaming Tree/ Gutter Twin Mark Lanegan!

This three-track EP was released recently on free download, as a prequel to the duo's upcoming album and, on the basis of this, the album should be something special. All three tracks are downbeat affairs, almost ambient at times but they conjure up memories of the superb Massive Attack album 'Mezzanine”. Reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser, Rae's understated vocal style gels neatly with the flow and clearly the duo have struck up a potentially wondrous partnership.

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